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About Us

Behind Koshish Foundation

A Simple Idea Can Inspire, Motivate and Produce Change!

"I started alone on the journey, but people kept joining me on the way and the caravan kept growing, as we together travelled towards the destination."

The above translation of a Urdu couplet just about sums up, the quest , of Mr Salil Deshmukh, a young and energetic social worker, to bring about positive changes in society, by supporting causes of deprived, marginalised and underprivileged persons. Born in a family of farmers, Mr Salil developed interest in espousing social causes from very early age. Even as a student he was involved in activities for community development and took up a leadership role to guide and direct his peers, juniors as also elders, mobilise their abilities and motivate them to work for social causes.

Mr Salil Deshmukh is predominantly undertaking social transformation projects through the NGO Koshish Foundation of which he is the President. His primary focus areas are Youth development through educational and skills orientation, Women's empowerment through providing training in self employment ventures, and providing food, nutrition and education to indigent children. The target group of beneficiaries invariably belong to socially and economically deprived segments, from rural areas of Vidarbha.

Mr Salil Deshmukh strongly believes In the adage "Be the change you want to see in the world". He is thus trying to make constructive contribution towards socio-economic transformation, through Koshish Foundation. He is ably supported by dedicated band of volunteers who zealously work for the causes espoused by the Foundation.

- Mr. Salil Deshmukh, President, Koshish Foundation