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About Us


Koshish Foundation The activities of the Foundation primarily focus on threea reas - Youth potential enhancement, womenem powerment, and nurturing, fostering children.

"Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. "Taking inspiration from the proverb the Koshish Foundation has been established to make contribution towards socio-economic transformation of underprivileged sections of society, particularly in rural areas of Vidarbha. The brain child of Mr. Salil Deshmukh, a young and highly motivated social worker, the Foundation has been ceaselessly working for betterment of lives of youth, women and children belonging to deprived and marginalised category of population.

Koshish Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization committed to the basic humanitarian principles enshrined in the Constitution namely freedom, equality, social justice, secularism, sustainable development and human rights. Managing well being is an art and it is a proud privilege for Koshish Foundation to be one such service provider to keep all up right. We are relentlessly working for the over all development of all. We are committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under-represented and marginalized sectors of society.

Neil Armstrong said after landing on Moon "A small step of human, a great leap for mankind'. Koshish Foundation is taking small but confident steps towards bringing about socio-economic transformation, with belief that it will make significant impact, in development of rural parts Vidarbha in the times to come.

Our Mission

An attempt to create awareness among people to take responsibility of the deprived Indians and in doing so motivate them to seek resolution through individual and collective action thereby enabling them to realize their full potential for action and change in the country.

Our Vision

To work towards building a prosperous, healthy and creative society where the rights of the common man are protected and honoured and to build dignity, justice and equality for all.

Functional Dimensions

The activities of the Foundation primarily focus on three areas - Youth potential enhancement, women empowerment,. and nurturing, fostering children.

Functional Dimensions

Youths being the backbone of any progressive society need to be guided and provided with essential amenities for their future endeavour. To prepare them to face the challenges of future, Koshish Foundation is providing quality education with hands on training to equip the students to face the global requirement with ease.

Empowering a woman not only brings about prosperity and strength in her life but it even acts as a catalyst in the enrichment of the lives of her children and family. We, at Koshish Foundation, strive to empower women through professional trainings, workshops, employment opportunities, etc. so that they may freely live their life with a sense of self worth, respect and dignity.

Life’s early years have a deep-seated impact on a child’s future. Hence, Early Childhood Development (ECD) is one of our primary area of work as we believe that these early years (0-5 years) provide an incomparable window of opportunity to bring about a positive and permanent difference in a child’s life. Nutrition and Education of a child during these formative years is what we specifically focus on.

Innumerable committed volunteers work with us to implement the interventions at the grassroots. These volunteers are mobilized and monitored by the Koshish Foundation team under the Presidentship of Mr Salil Deshmukh. This not only ensures more effective implementation of our programs, but also helps build capacities at the grassroots for providing quality service to the society.

Pivotal Initiatives by Koshish Foundation:

With the noble mission of “Educate to Empower” we design and run various interventions with the varied strata of the society. We have touched and catered to hundreds of people through our various projects.

To mention a few:
-Skill Development Centres
-Industrial Training Institutes
-Training Institutes for physically handicapped, deaf and blind children
-Books and Uniform Distribution
-Computer Training Institutes
-Self Defence Training for girls
-Free hostel for Backward class girl students

We realize our responsibility towards the society and believe in “Live to Give”. Few of our projects aim at providing avenues and facilities to the needy people in order to improve their quality of life. Listed are some of the projects working towards achieving the above mentioned objective:
-Self Employment Centres
-Environment Conservation Programs
-AIDS Awareness Programs
-Welfare Programs for Blind
-Family Counseling Centres
-Youth Welfare Programs
-Volleyball, Cricket, Skating and Football Tournaments
-Blood Donation Camps
-Free Health Check-up Camps